What is TacoQuest?

TacoQuest is a great way to share and discover great tacos around you. We use a mix of awesome data from foursquare® and tacos submitted by the TacoQuest community to find tacos near you.

Do I need a foursquare® account to find tacos?

You will need a foursquare® account - but then again, you should have one already because foursquare® is awesome!

Where can I get TacoQuest?

You can grab TacoQuest from BlackBerry World on your BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Q10, or BlackBerry Q5 smartphone.

What about iOS, Android, and Windows Phone?

We're working on those too - but our focus for launch is for #TeamBlackBerry! We have great friends on other platforms - like The Taco Trail and Gas Station Tacos - and we want them to get in on the action.

What about Tizen?


How do I promote my taco joint in TacoQuest?

Well, we'd like to talk to you about that. Email us at info@tacoquest.ca.

How do I find out more?

Just email us - info@tacoquest.ca